About Unikrn

Unikrn was established in November of 2014. We run the best fully-regulated and licensed esports bookmaker on the planet. Our amazing partnerships include our close relationship with Australia’s largest betting company, Tabcorp. In 2015, we raised a total of $10,000,000 from the likes of Ashton Kutcher, Guy O’Seary, Mark Cuban, Shari Redstone, Elisabeth Murdoch, 500 Startups, Tabcorp, Indicator Ventures and Hyperspeed Ventures. Our lead investor is well-known for their early investment in Snapchat, and the partners were early to invest in many other Silicon Valley success stories, including Twitter and Instagram. They also recently launched a Financial Division, which is already one of the largest movers of cryptocurrency in the world.

Unikrn has built the most technologically-advanced wagering platform for esports, including both skill-based and spectator betting products. We have also thoroughly tested the efficacy of real-money wagering in our esportsbook for both the UK and Australia.

Two years ago, we created a token called “Unikoin.” Users love Unikoin because it gives them an opportunity to bet on esports, ladder up and win prizes in markets where Unikrn is not yet licensed to conduct real-money wagering. We’ve spent the past two years honing this product and enhancing the user experience. With over a quarter of a billion Unikoins turned over to date, we feel it’s time to take the platform to the next level by introducing our cryptocurrency: UnikoinGold.

Our investors are excited about UnikoinGold and they’re putting their weight behind it – however, we are saving room for our users and the crypto community. Unikrn is committed to making UnikoinGold the be-all and end-all token for the esports and gaming communities.

“Hundreds of companies every year try to get me to invest, whether on Shark Tank or off camera. However, I only put my money and my name on the companies that I feel will be successful, truly advance an industry and have a leadership team that I respect. Unikrn fits all these requirements.”

Mark Cuban: Shark Tank, Owner of the Dallas Mavericks

Team - Unikrn Core Management

Rahul Sood, Co-Founder and CEO

Prior to Unikrn, Rahul Sood created the first incubation fund for startups at Microsoft. Microsoft later consolidated their global startup activities under Sood’s leadership. In June 2013, he launched Microsoft Ventures.

A serial entrepreneur, Sood spent 18 years in multiple startups prior to joining Microsoft. He founded luxury and gaming computer manufacturer Voodoo, which was acquired by Hewlett-Packard. Voodoo brought the ENVY and OMEN product lines to HP, contributing advanced technologies such as commercial liquid cooling and an increased focus on design.

With a deep background in video gaming and entertainment, Sood sits on the board of advisors for Razer, one of the largest gaming companies in the world. He is also an early investor and active advisor in Vrvana, a leading Mixed Reality hardware company based in Montreal, and also an active investor in New Jersey based Maingear PC (in which Unikrn has a large stake).

Karl Flores, Co-Founder and CMO

Karl Flores is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Unikrn. Karl serves as CMO and is instrumental to product development and innovation.

Previously Karl was the CEO and Co-Founder of Pinion, a Steam Powered game community platform with unprecedented access to the much sought-after gamer demographic of males aged 18-35. Pinion’s breakthrough technology created a new vertical within online advertising, and was a featured company in the Microsoft Ventures accelerator prior to being acquired by Unikrn in 2014. The Pinion network reaches over 4 million unique gamers monthly.

Daniel Rudolph, CTO

Daniel, located in Berlin, has been working with Rahul since 2008, creating the first-ever skill betting platform for video games, PlayAll. Daniel is pinned down to computers for over 25 years, with his first job landed at 16 to design and develop backend systems for banks and insurance companies. After a brief excursion at PlayAll, he started back into esports. Daniel also helped a Fintech company to build a Bitcoin Exchange together with a small German bank. Daniel is always focused on enabling products and ideas, but is also the last line of defence to make stuff just ultimately work in a reliable and scalable way connecting a distributed team.

Kingsley Edwards, VP Business Development

Kingsley Edwards created Leet, an online skill-based platform, in 2013 with the vision of integrating cryptocurrencies with popular video games. Since then, Leet has participated in BoostVC, a blockchain startup accelerator, and is currently working with casinos directly to provide esports events and technology. Kingsley has been an outspoken advocate of cryptocurrencies for over four years. He started the Las Vegas Bitcoin Meetup in 2014 to help promote the adoption of cryptocurrencies locally among vendors and individuals. Kingsley joined the leadership team of Unikrn after its acquisition of Leet.

Andrew Donley, Lead Crypto Engineer

In 2015, Andrew founded BitMesh, backed by BoostVC and Tim Draper, that focused on buying and selling internet bandwidth via micropayments and Bitcoin. After opensourcing BitMesh, he joined Leet to lead the engineering team. As CTO, Andrew has expanded Leet’s services from esports P2P wagering to stratum mining pools and tournament management software in casinos. With Unikrn’s recent acquisition of Leet, Andrew will contribute to the creation of UnikoinGold with his skills across engineering, cryptocurrency, and R&D.

Bryce Blum, Outside General Counsel

Bryce Blum represents the who’s who in esports and drives industry standards as a thought leader on key legal and business issues facing all aspects of the esports ecosystem. Bryce also acts as a consultant and esports industry expert, working with parties throughout sports, media and entertainment to help them capitalize on the explosive growth of the esports industry. Bryce serves as general counsel for the premiere Western esports teams.

Chris Grove, Board of Advisors

Chris Grove is a gambling industry strategist. A Managing Director at Eilers & Krejcik Gaming and member of Unikrn’s Board of Advisors, Grove also oversees trade publications covering the U.S. markets for regulated online gambling and sports betting. Grove’s research and expertise has been sought and cited by lawmakers, gaming regulators and major media outlets such as the New York Times, the Washington Post, ESPN and the Wall Street Journal.

Advisory Team

Erick Miller, CEO, CoinCircle

Erick Miller is an early investor in Unikrn, successful startup founder and cryptocurrency pioneer. Erick’s first involvement in cryptocurrency started in 2011 when he began mining Bitcoin; he has been a Bitcoin/blockchain enthusiast and cryptocurrency evangelist ever since. Erick and his new team will help develop setup the initial token sale for UnikoinGold. Part of building a successful token is getting the community involved and building a robust platform ahead of time. Erick and his team will work with Unikrn to design and create the cryptocurrency and build inroads with the community. Unikrn is also working with Erick Miller’s CoinCircle to help develop the token, smart contracts, and help with marketing and PR regarding the token sale itself.

Shane Fontaine, Lead Crypto Engineer, CoinCircle

Shane is an engineer coming from some of the world’s largest, most powerful defense industry companies such as Boeing and Raytheon. He created the Ethereum engineering meetup in Los Angeles in order to advance and grow the cryptocurrency developer community. He is also a founding member of the UCLA Blockchain Lab team and moderates many of the Ethereum related events in the Los Angeles area. Shane brings a depth of knowledge and understanding of Ethereum and smart contract that can only be attained through practical experience and the years of networking within the ecosystem that someone like him has. He has written many smart contracts and code in the Solidity language, and he provides the knowledge and experience of engineering and trading with the Ethereum blockchain to the team. Shane has years of experience in electrical engineering and an education from the University of San Diego and UCLA.

“Millions of people watch competitive gaming globally, we believe the industry has hit an inflection point and this is just the tip of the iceberg for where this new sport can go. We fully believe in the Unikrn executive team, what they are building, and their vision of how they want to heighten people’s engagement with esports across all mediums.”

Jonathan Teo: Binary Capital

Key Investors

We have a number of accomplished investors who invested in Unikrn at our Series A. Here are just a few of our key investors.

Advancit Capital

Shari Redstone

Binary Capital
Mark Cuban Companies

Mark Cuban

Freeland Ventures

Elisabeth Murdoch

Sound Ventures

Ashton Kutcher

Guy O'Seary

500 Startups
Tabcorp Inc.
Hyperspeed Ventures

Erick Miller

“Tabcorp is proud to be partnering with Unikrn. Unikrn is delivering a global gaming community platform that reaches millions of gamers around the world, with a proven record of innovation and success.”

David Attenborough: Managing Director and CEO, Tabcorp

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